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1 Business Advice

Whatever stage your business is at, our team of specialists are eager to use their knowledge and expertise to help you navigate business obstacles and achieve your goals.

We aim to deliver our business advice in a clear and understandable manner, whether we are helping with your business startup or helping restructure your business empire.

  • Business structure advice
  • Strategies and tools to increase your business profits and cash flow
  • Business purchase due diligence checks
  • Strategic plans and general operations advice
  • Systems and procedures development

Business Advice Enquiries

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2 Virtual CFO

As part of our suite of professional business services, we offer a Virtual CFO service.  This means you can freely access, on a daily basis if required, a highly trained, expert Chief Financial Officer who can assist you with a wide range of business financial services including bookkeeping, business planning and reporting.  Our Virtual CFO service is available on a fixed fee on a deliverable basis or on a monthly fee.

The reason why we call them ‘Virtual’ CFOs is because your business can enjoy the benefits of having an expert on board, without having all the costly employment, payroll responsibility and industry educational expenses you have with employing a financial expert as one of your staff.

Outsourcing a Virtual CFO will save you money because you only pay for the hours you need.  Our CFOs have wide experience across a large cross-section of industries, which can only result in extra benefits for you.

  • Monthly analysis of actuals and performance against budget for board reports
  • Key metric and KPI reporting
  • Financial reporting and forecasting
  • Fortnightly accountability calls

Virtual CFO Enquiries

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3 Tax Planning

Our team has a strong focus on tax planning. We believe that annual planning sessions and regular reporting can help you to implement tax saving strategies ahead of time. In addition, on-time returns and lodgments deliver peace-of-mind and avoid unnecessary ATO attention.

Whether it’s your individual or business tax return, BAS or IAS (Activity Statements) or reports for your stakeholders, we keep you abreast of your obligations.

  • BAS Lodgements
  • IAS Lodgements
  • Tax Returns
  • ASIC/ ACNC Lodgements
  • Tax Planning
  • Company Returns

Tax Planning Enquiries

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4 Financial Reporting

Business Lighthouse offer a range of specialist accounting services designed to stimulate your business growth and nurture your financial future. We produce highly detailed and customisable cash-flow budgets and profitability reports that can be tailored to fit most companies and community organisations. These impressive reports are readily received by stakeholders such as boards and investors. We also explain what they mean so they are accessible to business owners and enable strategic planning and decision making.

Our aim is to grow your business with you and keep you on track financially. If you’re the kind of business that’s looking for growth, then our team would love to meet with you to discuss your business needs and to see if we could be a good match for your business moving forward.

  • Board Attendance
  • Regular Finance Reports
  • Budgets
  • Cash Flow Analysis & Reporting

Financial Reporting Enquiries

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5 Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping can be complicated and a very time consuming process. We know you didn’t start your business so that you can spend hours on end trying to figure out your accounting software and painfully reconcile your accounts.

That’s what our team is here for. We’ll aim to try and free up as much your precious time as possible and streamline your bookkeeping processes. We’ll keep your books clean and have your business ready for the ATO at the end of each financial quarter.

  • Invoicing
  • Debtor Management
  • Supplier Payments
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Account Reconciliations

Bookkeeping Enquiries

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6 Payroll & Super

Employees are often critical to the success of your business, and an accurate and timely payroll function is key to ensuring staff are valued. Now with the introduction of Single Touch Payroll, there has never been a more important time to ensure your payroll systems are up-to-date.

Our payroll service offering compliments the HR function and we are fastidious when it comes to payroll accuracy.

  • Pay Runs
  • Leave Management
  • Long Service Leave Provisions
  • Paid Parental Leave Management
  • Single Touch Payroll / Payment Summaries
  • Superannuation

Payroll & Super Enquiries

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7 Cloud Accounting

Our team will help you take advantage of best of breed, affordable, online, cloud-based accounting technology. We’ll assess your business system needs to find the best business software for your specific industry and requirements.

We understand the accounting integration between industry specific and accounting software and ensure the integrity of information flows. We also love to streamline business processes to make life easier for overall business administration. We provide advice and ongoing support whenever you need it.

  • Integrations
  • Cloud Accounting Set-Up & Support
  • Childcare Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Management
  • Building Software

Cloud Accounting Enquiries

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8 Outsourced Accounting

If your company is small and fast growing, a simple transfer of work can add up to a lot of benefits. Outsourcing your accounting is often cheaper, more efficient and flexible than hiring in-house staff.

Setting up an in-house accounting department requires an investment in space, software and skilled staff, not to mention keeping up with the latest regulations and juggling staff leave with busy periods.

Outsourcing your accounts payable and receivable, general ledger, billing, payroll and month-end reporting to experts with superior software, expertise and manpower allows you to build a more agile and efficient business. Advantages include greater productivity, cost savings and more accurate transaction processing.

Outsourcing high-level strategic finance roles can also give you the skills you need to take your company to the next phase of development, without hiring a full-time CFO.

  • Accounting Compliance
  • Asset Management
  • Audit Preparation
  • Company Health Check
  • Credit Control
  • Taxation Advice

Outsourced Accounting Enquiries

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Business Lighthouse is your Virtual Finance Department
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Our Packages

Self-Employed & Freelancers Great for businesses in the growth phase that need accounting, invoicing or payroll
Starter Premium End-to-End
Subscription to Receiptbank/Hub Doc
Subscription to Receiptbank/Hub Doc
  Annual Reconciliations (Fixed Assets, ATO liabilities)
Annual Reconciliations
  Liaise With Your Team
Liaise With Your Team
  Management Reporting
Management Reporting
  Assurance Review
Assurance Review
  ASIC/ACNC Compilance
ASIC/ACNC Compilance
BAS/IAS Quarterly Monthly Monthly
  Bank Reconciliation
Bank Reconciliation Monthly Weekly Weekly
  Payroll (Superstream)
Payroll (Superstream) 1-5 Employees 5+ Employees
  Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable
  Uploading Payments for authorisation
Uploading Payments for authorisation
  Manage Superannnuation
Manage Superannnuation
  SRO (Payroll Tax) Reporting
SRO (Payroll Tax) Reporting
  Workcover Lodgements
Workcover Lodgements
  Accounts Receivable management
Accounts Receivable management
  Cashflow Mangement
Cashflow Mangement
  Finance Meetings
Finance Meetings
* NOTE: Fixed-rate package does not include software subscription.

What to expect from us

  • Complete Understanding

    Complete understanding

    With an understanding of your requirements, we will scope the work and provide an estimate of the cost.

  • Tailor-made approach

    Tailor-made approach

    We tailor systems and processes to meet your individual business needs.

  • Save you time, money & worry

    Save you time, money & worry

    We can do as much or as little as you require and we are positive that we can save you time, money and worry.

  • Flexible Meeting Arrangements

    Flexible meeting arrangements

    We can meet on-site, remotely or can maintain your accounts in our office.

About Us

Meet The Team

  • Philip Good — Director at Business Lighthouse

    Philip Good

    FIPA, B.Bus (ACC), Tax Agent

    A truly bright spark – Philip is the light bulb of our organisation. Responsible for the Accounting and Taxation division of Business Lighthouse his passion for microBoard strategic thinking has him playing a vital role in guiding our clients towards business success. Philip’s expertise in the financial management and reporting of not-for-profit organisations means he is also well sought-after.

  • Angela Hose — Director at Business Lighthouse

    Angela Hose

    B.Bus (ACC), B.Comp, BAS Agent

    Angela is responsible for the Bookkeeping and Business Systems division. She is an experienced accountant with over 12 years working knowledge within the business, corporate, and education and not-for-profit sectors. Angela can talk to anyone with interest and loves finding the common ground to set you at ease – she used to work with communities from diverse backgrounds and is the first to welcome a new face through the door.

  • Lance Jackson — Accountant at Business Lighthouse

    Lance Jackson

    B.Bus (ACC)

    Lance is a keen and enthusiastic accountant. He focuses on taxation, accounting and bookkeeping tasks and has a head and heart for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs. Lightning Lance (as he’s known around the office) is fast and efficient. He loves researching new legislation; he flies through work at productive speeds and is constantly updating us and our clients on innovative changes.

  • Matt Withers — Accountant at Business Lighthouse

    Matt Withers

    B.BusCom (ACC)

    Matt (affectionately known as ‘Dubba’) is an enthusiastic accountant who is ready to help with all your Taxation, Compliance, Accounting & Bookkeeping needs. He loves helping businesses & organisations reach their full potential and is passionate about providing relevant & timely reporting to clients for planning & decision making.

  • Jennifer O'Neil — Bookeeper at Business Lighthouse

    Jennifer O’Neil

    Inventory Systems specialist

    Every business needs a Jennifer. She assists in bookkeeping and compliance tasks as well as being an inventory systems specialist and trainer. Jennifer has over 15 years’ experience working in the corporate sector and with small business.
    With a keen attention to detail –Jennifer passes on this insight and experience to our clients.

  • Nicole De Wever — Bookkeeper at Business Lighthouse

    Nicole De Wever

    Cert IV Bookkeeping

    Nicky is super passionate about accurate accounts that business can rely on, but what she loves most in her job is cleaning up accounting messes! She has 13 years experience in bookkeeping. She has owned her own IT wholesale and service business so knows her way around a computer. In her spare time Nicky rides motorbikes and plays guitar and in her past life she was a DJ!

  • Belinda OBrien — Bookkeeper at Business Lighthouse

    Belinda OBrien

    Cert IV Bookkeeping & Accounting

    Belinda (BoB) loves working with businesses and gaining an in depth understanding of how individual businesses operate … in fact she almost loves this as much as she loves her baby grandchildren! She has owned her own wholesale business so understands the nature of inventory and the systems that support it, how software platforms connect and the information that flows between them.

"Can't recommend highly enough"

My business partner and I stumbled across Business Lighthouse when searching for a bookkeeper who was familiar with our cloud based inventory program – DEAR Systems.

Very quickly they morphed from being our Bookkeeper and Accountant to a virtual CFO of sorts. Being a small company of only 3 people, we couldn’t justify hiring an in house CFO, however we really did need someone with expertise who could not only keep an eye on our cash flow, and help us plan for upcoming tax payments but also work on our business processes to make our everyday tasks more efficient. Angela, Phil, Jen and Lance are an absolute pleasure to work with and they feel part of our team despite being based in another city!

We can’t recommend Business Lighthouse highly enough – if you are a small business looking for an extremely efficient and trustworthy team to help you handle your accounts, business processes and cash flow, these are the guys for you.

- Genevieve Hewson
Managing Director, Walter G Australia
Nic MacIsaac

"Exceptionally well looked after"

Eva’s Sunday has been exceptionally well looked after by BLH for the last 3 years. It started with the integration of Xero with our inventory system Trade Gecko & our POS system Shoppify and now they provide the full Virtual Finance Dept service for us, run our payroll, look after our quarterly BAS and lodge our annual returns. On top on this the nurturing and care provided for my growing business has been invaluable. Thank you Angela, Phil and Jen.

- Nic MacIsaac
Managing Director, EVA'S SUNDAY
Luke Woollard - PILOT Real Easate Agents

"Love working with them and we suggest you might too"

PILOT real estate agents has had numerous accountants as we’ve gone about our business journey in two States. I haven’t yet found an accountant team as nice, as highly effective or as honest as Business Lighthouse. We love working with them and suggest you might too.

- Luke Woollard
Managing Director, PILOT Real Estate Agents
Russell Cagnacci

"No task is ever a problem, no matter how easy or complex the task"

AMIGA Montessori appointed Business Lighthouse over 2 years ago as our Virtual Finance division. The team at Business Lighthouse are exceptional and no task is ever a problem, no matter how easy or complex the task. They are a professional organisation that has our business interests at heart and the professional advice covering intricate financial strategies has allowed AMIGA to grow exponentially in the last two years. Their attention to detail and corporate governance cannot be faltered and I highly recommend Business Lighthouse as a premium provider of Financial Services Support

- Russell Cagnacci
Managing Director, AMIGA Montessori
Kylie Butler

"Walked closely beside us in times of significant strategic change"

Angela, Phil and the team from Business Lighthouse have been looking after us for over 5 years. Their client service and quality of advice is exceptional. Aside from their Bookkeeping and Accounting skills, they have walked closely beside us in times of significant strategic change during which time, their encouragement has been invaluable. Thank you Business Lighthouse team!

- Kylie Butler
Managing Director
Willum Warrain

"Advice we have received over the last five years has enabled us to flourish"

Business Lighthouse have been critical to the development of our Aboriginal community organisation since 2014 when we first opened our doors. The financial services support, expertise and advice we have received over the last five years has enabled us to flourish. We have really appreciated our relationships with their friendly staff who have always been approachable and committed to Willum Warrain’s success.

- Willum Warrain
Managing Director, Willum Warrain Aboriginal Association