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Cin7 Core (formerly DEAR) Break/Fix

Business Lighthouse has been a DEAR partner since 2015 offering an extensive range of  inventory services. This includes system implementation, inventory system migration, inventory accounting, and many more. If you are interested what other services we provide, contact us through our partner page and one of our DEAR specialists will contact you.

Getting your business inventory data correct is critical to the correctness of your financial reports together with the right numbers around sales and stock analysis. Accurate stock reporting is foundational to business analysis and decision making.

The DEAR team at Business Lighthouse is excited to announce our newest service, Break/Fix. Our Break/Fix service is available to firms that already use DEAR Inventory. This new service can comprise work such as assistance creating processes, accounting/inventory file audits, database cleaning and inventory accounting advice, just to name a few.  This new service is all about helping improve and /or fixing the existing inventory system.  

For complex cases (which is most of them!), the Break/Fix normally consists of two parts: an initial meeting to examine the issues and develop a work scope recommendation, followed by a series of implementation steps. Some cases can have localised issues which will not require such a detailed recommendation, but an immediate fix. This is determined through a Scoping (phone) Call, where the client will outline the issue that they want sorted. After a further investigation by our team, we will determine what steps are needed to implement the fix.

For more information on how we can help get your business inventory system sorted, please contact us at and schedule an initial Scoping Call. We would love to hear from you!

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